Pre-WWII Los Angeles, real bike men wanted one thing – speed. And tons of it. The problem was the road bikes of the day didn’t meet the needs of the men, the times or the place. They were built for comfort, safety and mass appeal. Al Crocker and Paul Bigsby had a different idea. From the small workshop at 1346 Venice Boulevard in Los Angeles, they overthrew the old world and ushered in the new, with a simple yet revolutionary concept. Al and Paul discarded everything that stood in the way of simply going faster. Then they applied their technical genius to engineering a V-Twin power plant built to generate sheer speed. Unleashed onto the streets of LA, all a Harley and Indian rider ever saw of the Crocker was its red tail light! The Stripped For Speed revolution had arrived, Crockers transformed motorcycle culture forever. 1346Engineered invites you to view our historical collection of original Crockers and make an appointment to discuss your own made to order Crocker motorcycle.