Not since 1942 has a Crocker been made. After four years of engineering development one of the rarest (and fastest) motorcycles in the world, the new Crocker, will be unveiled by 1346Venice. 

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The Venice Crocker will only be produced in limited numbers. Each motorcycle will be hand-built using modern technology from 4 Axis CNC machining, 3-D modelling and superior metallurgy. Traditional engineering and design techniques mastered by Al Crocker and Paul Bigsby are also in every ounce of these machines. Unmistakable Crocker stripped-back design and cutting edge technology has produced a machine of raw speed and power, exceptional build quality and value for today’s discerning collector. At 1346Venice we are sure that Al Crocker and Paul Bigsby would be proud that their dream is being kept alive. Long Live Crocker!

- Crocker Collector and Founding Dreamer of 1346Venice

Enquires: chilli@1346venice.com


• 61 cu in. overhead valve
• bore 3¼ , stroke 3 5/8”
• 45* V-type, air cooledTransmission:
• Constant mesh type
• Shifting by dogs
• 100% oversize for strength